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Higher Performance & Less Backhaul with Edge Colocation

PARTNERING INNOVATION through modular & MICRO EDGE data centers

The edge has never been more accessible or necessary for business growth. Edge colocation is essential for businesses that want to keep pace with the rising demand for more data at higher speeds because of the rise of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and more. EdgeMicro’s simple, repeatable, reliable and scalable modular and micro edge data center model removes complexity from the edge. Our carrier-neutral modular and micro edge colocation data centers and patent-pending Edge Traffic Exchange (ETX) technology puts compute, storage, and network resources as close as possible to end users. Colocating at the edge means higher performance and less backhaul, which equates to stronger, faster content delivery for your customers. Give your hosting the edge with EdgeMicro’s micro edge data centers.

Edge Colocation Services


Micro data centers give your business remote access to cloud computing services to multiple locations. This allows you to offer high-speed internet connectivity to your customers no matter which city they’re nearest to. This distribution and accessibility of edge colocation brings data closer to your end-user by connecting them to stronger, larger data centers which ultimately improves customer experience. Now that bigger companies are expanding their coverage, the introduction of modular data centers gives them the ability to meet data demand for content delivery and applications with lower latency and lower bandwidth costs.

By using edge colocation, EdgeMicro allows you to host data in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with highly connected edge data centers that are usually underserved by telecom providers. By simply connecting with our modular and micro edge data centers, you can improve the connection to people, places and software that were previously slower in more remote locations. See the extent of our edge colocation services below.

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Our modular and micro data centers are strategically located in populated, yet underserved areas, enabling enterprises to provide interconnection services to more customers. Learn more about our growing list of locations and see where you can connect at the edge.

We Are The Platform For Innovators

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Our innovation makes it simple for you to go to have a good experience at the edge. Simply put, we are the platform for innovators. Our technology and edge colocation enable you to take content to users at the edge, and our safety and security measures give you peace of mind so you can focus on your core business. We are a solutions company that has modified the traditional colocation model and micro edge data centers specifically for the edge. We conduct site selection, peering and implementation in a fast and cost-effective way, which allows you to reach more people while reducing latency and backhaul.

What the Industry is saying about EdgeMicro


"What EdgeMicro is doing brings the full power of mobile Internet connectivity to billions of mobile devices at a moment in time when the volume and importance of those devices is exploding. Those devices are the future, and EdgeMicro is making the future possible."

– WebWire

"EdgeMicro is comprised of an elite group of technology executives with expertise, business acumen and relationships to deliver data center capacity and connectivity at the scale the mobile economy requires."

– Light Reading

"A game changer for the industry."

Data Center Frontier

"Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. This means improving its security, reliability, and performance, which are all directly supported by our work with EdgeMicro."

Nitin Rao

"The EdgeMicro team’s mindset aligns with our own philosophy, which is about supporting the customer’s business objectives not simply their physical assets."

Eric Gottschlich, Director of Data Center Services at Murphy


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