Winning at the Edge

EdgeMicro is an edge colocation company launched in 2017 dedicated to delivering on the promise of edge computing. Built by a team of industry thought leaders, EdgeMicro is deploying hundreds of network-neutral, modular data centers at towers and other locations that deliver the scale and flexibility required at the edge. With EdgeMicro, content providers, MNOs and ISPs can speed digital content to their end users at virtually any location providing an enhanced customer experience while eliminating latency, reducing backhaul costs, and improving advertising ROI.

Our proprietary Edge Traffic Exchange (ETX) provides connectivity between cellular radios and locally cached data and compute services. ETX is facilitated by a single-box LIPA (Local IP Access) solution, enabling intelligent network traffic routing over virtually any MNO’s LTE network and delivers:

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Reduced transit distance
  • Network flexibility

One Provider – Thousands of sites

EdgeMicro will blanket the U.S. with micro data center nodes over the next five years followed closely by a global rollout including EMEA and LATAM. No need to partner with multiple colocation providers in different geographies. Choose EdgeMicro as your sole source of cost-effective, high-speed delivery of edge colocation services that scale to your business needs.

  • Rapid assessment and deployment
  • World-class service from any location
  • Consistent customer experience across the globe

“What EdgeMicro is doing brings the full power of mobile Internet connectivity to billions of mobile devices at a moment in time when the volume and importance of those devices is exploding. Those devices are the future, and EdgeMicro is making the future possible.”
– WebWire

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