Mobile users are consuming more content and accessing more applications than ever before. Demand already strains networks, and the advent of the IoT, virtual reality and 5G connectivity will ratchet up the tension and costs.

EdgeMicro is enabling the future of wireless Internet through a mobile edge computing solution that brings content delivery and compute services to the extreme network edge. With a highly scalable solution and the speed-to-market agility of a start-up, EdgeMicro is positioned to capitalize on wireless growth.

Value Propositions

Content providers, Mobile Network Operators, and application developers need a solution that enables them to deliver the experience mobile users expect, while keeping the cost for broadband data transport economic.

Content Providers and IoT Applications — Our micro datacenters are deployed at the wireless tower, right at the C-RAN or Hub site, deploying critical cached data and compute power at the true edge. The result is improved latency and consumer experience delivering a powerful competitive advantage for Content Providers and IoT companies.

MNOs — Tower Traffic Exchange (TTX), our new, unique technology that’s facilitated by a single-box LIPA solution, works with virtually any MNO’s LTE network, reduces cost for broadband, improves latency and improves Quality of Experience (QoE) for wireless users.

Tower Owners — Locating data centers at the tower base creates a new revenue stream, responding to the constant pressure to realize more more value from infrastructure assets.

Executive Leadership

EdgeMicro’s leadership and Advisory Board is compiled of industry veterans with significant experience in telecom infrastructure, network engineering, wireless communications and system architecture.

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Technology Partnerships

In partnership with Schneider Electric, EdgeMicro has developed an 8 ‘x 20’ mobile edge data center. Our micro data centers are prefabricated, tested and commissioned prior to deployment. It’s turnkey solution combining proven colocation advantages with never-before possible mobile edge connectivity.

We monitor every location in real-time using the Schneider DCIM/BMS platform, and offer a response escalation process executed by experienced, reliable partners. Our O&M process is based on Preventive Maintenance. In accordance with specified manufacturer’s frequency, we service all critical infrastructure targeted to meet any/all industry compliance requirements.

Our support includes smart hands services and rapid, on-site problem resolution. All operations and maintenance activities are conducted based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Methods of Procedure (MOPs) using a governance approach.


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