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In the Digital World, Content is King.

Whether their revenue stream is subscription-based or ad-based, content providers live and die by the quality of content delivery. The number of milliseconds it takes to deliver content impacts customer satisfaction and revenue. Users want to access their news, information and social sites regardless of their location and don’t have the time, patience or loyalty to wait for anything. Delivering anytime and anywhere is key to meeting their digital demands.

Content providers must also keep pace with rapidly evolving delivery methods. Thanks in part to new video entertainment services such as streaming video, subscription video-on-demand, over-the-top video and 4K (soon to be 8K) video cameras on smartphones, high-bandwidth media delivery is switching from a downstream-only activity to a bidirectional one. This puts greater pressure on long-distance networks.

EdgeMicro solutions help reduce latency and enhance mobile advertising opportunities while reducing backhaul and network expenses. We facilitate the delivery of compute, storage and network resources as close as possible to end users and devices – accelerating the delivery of content-rich videos, streaming services and social platforms.


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