Mobile Network Operators

MNOs must transport traffic between end users at the edge and core infrastructure locations hundreds of miles away, across multiple hops, gateways and interconnections – each adding a delay.

The experience can be frustrating and expensive for users. The proliferation of 5G will reduce latency and allow for improved connectivity, but MNOs still need to invest in edge infrastructure to reduce long-haul data transit.

EdgeMicro solutions offer MNOs:

  • The ability to meet high expectations of 5G speed in areas where use will continue to evolve
  • Access to high traffic content via our patented Mobile Edge Traffic Exchange (mETX), which connects directly to mobile users without disruption. mETX accommodates existing 4G LTE networks and evolving 5G networks
  • Reduced capital expenditures required to upgrade networks by plugging into our infrastructure
What the Industry is saying about EdgeMicro


"What EdgeMicro is doing brings the full power of mobile Internet connectivity to billions of mobile devices at a moment in time when the volume and importance of those devices is exploding. Those devices are the future, and EdgeMicro is making the future possible."

– WebWire

"EdgeMicro is comprised of an elite group of technology executives with expertise, business acumen and relationships to deliver data center capacity and connectivity at the scale the mobile economy requires."

– Light Reading

"A game changer for the industry."

Data Center Frontier

"Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. This means improving its security, reliability, and performance, which are all directly supported by our work with EdgeMicro."

Nitin Rao

"The EdgeMicro team’s mindset aligns with our own philosophy, which is about supporting the customer’s business objectives not simply their physical assets."

Eric Gottschlich, Director of Data Center Services at Murphy