Mobile Network OperatorsAccelerate Service Delivery at the Edge for Less

Customers want more from their unlimited data plans. Why not give it to them?

Your customers demand streaming video, AR/VR, autonomous driving, AI and more. They expect these services to be delivered anywhere – faster, better and cheaper. Disappoint them, and they’ll abandon you for good.

“Mobile video traffic will soar approximately 55% annually through 2021 and account for more than two thirds of all mobile data traffic by then.” – Ericsson 2016 Mobility Report

MNOs must transport all traffic between end users at the edge and core infrastructure locations hundreds of miles away, across multiple hops, gateways and interconnections – each adding a delay. The experience is frustrating for users and expensive. While 5G is expected to reduce latency and allow for improved connections at “the edge,” MNOs still need to invest in infrastructure to reduce long haul data transit.

Aren’t you tired of spending billions on backhaul, dark fiber and other upgrades?

Improve your customer experience with minimal upgrades.

EdgeMicro’s patented Edge Traffic Exchange (ETX) provides Local IP Access (LIPA) to content at the edge, reducing the need for backhaul to remote data centers. This improves the wireless customers’ experience and reduces backhaul expenses – all without expensive network upgrades.

With EdgeMicro, you can:

  • Have local access to high traffic content via our patented Edge Traffic Exchange (ETX)
  • Protect investments in 5G by dramatically reducing latency between the radio and the cached content
  • Delay or reduce the CapEx required to upgrade networks

“400 or 500 sites in the next five years will still be a small piece of the mobile edge compute market but an important piece, especially for the MNOs.”

– Data Center Knowledge

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