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Emerging technologies including 5G, autonomous vehicles, AR and VR, and IoT applications require mission critical network infrastructure that provides continuous availability and low latency. Yet competitive pressures, M&A activity and network convergence has traditional cable providers, ILECs and tower owners scrambling to provide a seamless experience for voice, data and video services. Edge colocation allows these players to enhance their service offerings by delivering content to any customer location, on any device.

EdgeMicro provides the fastest, most economical means of delivering colocation services to the edge. EdgeMicro’s modular edge data centers can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively at any fiber aggregation point. These data centers can be located anywhere – including parking lots, roof-tops, and cellular towers. Real estate providers can generate new revenue streams and increase the value of their strategic assets by providing future-proof network technology and better service bundling to their customers.

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