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EdgeMicro Accelerates Business at the Edge

EdgeMicro has developed a 6-rack, 48kW, mobile edge micro data center in partnership with Schneider Electric. Our data centers contain all the security and physical plant features expected in a typical data center. Exterior and interior CCTV surveillance, biometric security access controls, redundant power and cooling and fire suppression are provided.

Our containerized micro data center is designed to allow deployment on a secure, single, quarter, or half rack basis. Additionally, dedicated containers can be deployed at towers to support your own edge content needs. Fully secure and self-contained with 48kW, these units are pre-fabricated in a factory to our specifications to keep costs low, performance high, and delivery time predictable in a matter of weeks.

Easily deploy your proven IT kits to keep things simple, cost effective and fast for colocation at the edge.

A Turnkey Solution – Beyond the Box

Our facilities and systems are designed for simplicity and flexibility. Our strategic approach to colocation, cross connects and remote hands offerings complete the solution.

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Mobile Edge Data Center Features

6 42U highly configurable racks. Deployed in full, half and quarter increments to meet specific needs. Insulation Rating: R9.7
UPS: Dual 5KVA per rack. 6 Minutes battery backup. Fire suppression: FM200 Detect and Suppress
Power Distribution/PDUs: Flexible choices from basic to metered and switchable. UL listed
Hot/Cold Aisle containment 130 mph wind rating
N+1 cooling at 105 degree ambient Optional: Generator capability
Optional: 2N UPS and extended battery runtimes
Input: 400A (240V Single Phase 3W+G) Security & Monitoring:
3 Internal camera pods
1 External camera pod,
Local keypad access & remote actuation
Unloaded Weight: 18,000 lbs  


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