LeadershipLauri Abrahamson

Lauri Abrahamson is a seasoned technology executive with a keen ability to recognize trends in IT and Telecom and drive transformative solutions that leverage cutting edge technologies.

Prior to joining EdgeMicro, Lauri had a long, successful tenure with CenturyLink. As a key member of a nimble Qwest team they grew the International Business Unit from four Points of Presence in 2001, to 62 sites and 50+ supplier relationships.

Lauri started her career in the USAF integrating MILNET/DISNET and .EDU internet architectures. Subsequently, Lauri managed Asia Pacific networks for the University of Maryland and Credit Suisse in Japan, plus the VISA Network Operations center in Washington DC.

Lauri holds a degree in Computer Studies and an M.S. in International Business from the University of Maryland.