What is an Edge Data Center?

Businesses across most, if not all industries, deal with customer data in some form or another, and they need convenient edge colocation solutions to keep this data safe, but also easily accessible to their customers or clients. This is where edge data centers come in.

What Is an Edge Data Center?

Edge data centers are characterized by their smaller sizes compared to something like an enterprise data center, as well as their location and connectivity features. They are just one part of a bigger and more complex network that features a central enterprise data center. Usually located on the edge of these existing networks, edge data centers allow businesses to send content and services locally to users through cloud computing, with little to no latency.

Advantages of Edge Data Centers

There are many advantages to edge data centers. In addition to the minimized latency, there is also increased reliability. Because these edge data centers don’t have as much traffic and aren’t being pushed to maximum capacity, businesses can rely on them more to get their data to users with fewer issues.

The increased reliability can also be attributed to better load distribution. Using multiple smaller data centers as opposed to one big one can spread out heavy traffic loads which is much more efficient.

One more advantage to using edge data centers is reduced and more predictable costs. Instead of maintaining and relying on a large central data center or an internally owned data center, it’s more cost effective to manage a small edge data center. They’re less expensive to acquire and maintain, and the monthly costs are easier to predict.

4 Key Characteristics of Edge Data Centers

  1. Edge data centers are managed remotely and placed locally near the areas they serve.
  2. Although edge data centers have the same components as a traditional data center, they are much smaller.
  3. Edge data centers are part of a complex network of data centers, including a central enterprise data center.
  4. Edge data centers host mission-critical data, applications and services for both edge-based processing and storage.

Where Edge Data Centers Are Used

Any industry where data is needed in real time is probably employing an edge data center. This could mean manufacturing businesses, big financial institutions, medical facilities, laboratories,  and any company that needs content delivered to the user within milliseconds.

Content Distribution Networks and Providers

With edge data centers, content distribution networks and providers can get their content or information delivered quicker than they have before. This results in a faster connection for end-users to receive their desired content.

Rural Fiber Initiatives

Edge data centers support precision agriculture technology and can streamline data needed to rural areas that didn’t traditionally have access to high-speed coverage. Bringing big-city coverage to rural communities means expanding coverage of your organization’s processing power.

IoT Services

Applications are faster when using edge data centers because they are located closer to the end user. This is true with IoT, where sensors or data-collecting devices are numerous and highly distributed.

Gaming Servers

When edge data centers are located closer to the end user, gaming services have less latency and the data is delivered in real time. Strengthening your connection will allow you to reach more users, enhancing their experience. 

Interested in Learning More About Edge Data Centers

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